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an illogically pretty story
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20th-Feb-2008 07:08 pm - Gh-h-h-hk.
Computer screwed over again, that's why no posts have come along these few days. I'm stealing this post on my dad's rickety old laptop, which will probably explode if I press the letter P more than twice, or something. Yep, so no chance of Sims on this one - and my Sims comp needs a reformat and sits there like a bloody rock and well, ... and well, sigh. 

This sucks.

I'm jinxed, I think. Every time I try to get something off the ground something or another happens, I abandon ship for a few months and write a 'sorry' comeback post and start again...


On the boring my-life side of things:


1) Whatsisface is not paying attention to me. This pisses me off in a rather annoyingly severe way.The fact that he has no idea that I have an embarrassingly big crush on him may account for some of this. 

2) My holidays are up in a couple weeks' time. Thereafter I will watch cartoons and gain weight and go through tactical chunder phases and generally make my own life a misery because of butter cake. 

3) My retainer is tearing a lovely large ulcer into the bottom of my mouth. And my tongue. And my cheek. And my head. Sigh. 

4) Whiny, whiny, whiny!


1) The exams weren't as bad as I thought! Phew! 


3) Sketches of my characters are coming along nicely. 


Last post from me for a long while. Oh well.

.end post.
15th-Feb-2008 03:04 pm - Even if you don't live there.

Happy un-Valentines! Today in 1942: British troops in Malaysia are overrun by Japanese on bicycles!

So there's this, y'know, exam thing on Monday, which I'm planning to cram for during, er, some time that isn't now. So there's also half a pound of mushroom CALORIES cheese CALORIES omelette CALORIES sitting in my stomach BUT DAMN IT WAS GOOD which needs exercising off, instead of sitting-on-ass-typing-and-digesting.


If you haven't seen / heard this, you have been living under a rock.

Go forth and snigger. 

.end post.

6th-Feb-2008 06:16 pm - Help plz.

Okays. Might as well get the gist down now.

I NEED HELP PLZ. (meatplz)

See, I've started downloading again. (Cheers plz. Yay CDS!) Well, I've been motivated to start downloading again. Which is to say I haven't actually started downloading again. Not yet. But I have started downloading again, like, kind of mentally. Put my feet on the path of starting to download again. Um, you dig me, right?

Okay, gonna stop waffling now. 

So I decided to do that cute little thing called planning. Yeah, I don't do it often. Anyway, I'm thinking of sticking to just one set of defaults this time. Minimalizing, that's the key. 

Trouble is, I'm not very sure what to get, or where to get them - MTS2 is just a teeny bit too general, InSim I'm not familiar with, and places like GoS are for people who've already got their basics down pat and are looking for more specialized stuff.


Bottom line is, I'd love it if you guys could recommend stuff.

Favourite eyes? Hair? Etc?

Thanks =)

. end post.

5th-Feb-2008 10:20 am - AWOL

I AM NOT DEAD.  :)  (Just a little warning.)

Sorry! I've been more or less AWOL for two months so far. RiverNapping now probably isn't going to air any time soon (eek! more procrastination!), too. 

(here comes the giant excuse tsunami)

1. School. Plain and simple. Unlike everyone out there, I'm still halfway through high school. That means I'M BUSY assignments BUSY BUSY and BUSY I'M SO BUSY AND WHIZZY AND GAY BUSY homework BUSY and BUSY society BUSY BUSY BUSY activities and BUSY BUSY KILL ME BUSY exams (and seeing whatsisface a lot more often which counts for 50% of the distractions). 

Honestly, very little time gets spent on Sims. Much less time than I'd like. :( 

2. Computer crash. My entire Downloads file got wiped. Complete reinstall. Characters all gone. Yadda, yadda, yadda. 

While I do have CDS (Compulsive Downloading Syndrome), the task of restoring the story is sooooo daunting because all my sets, scenes, props and actors are gone. In the wind, Scarlett O'Hara. Or the rain, Ernest Hemingway. I could weep

Consequently, I'll be getting some new stuff, but... not any time soon.  

Actually, that's just the main problem. I've been so upset and put off by the idea of downloading everything again that it just doesn't seem worth it. Maybe I'll start with the Garden of Shadows, but in the meantime I've got to catch up with Mao, goodbye_sun, and anghard's fantastic machinima which I TOTALLY MISSED WHAT WAS I THINKING sigh. 

(by the way, subliminal message to everyone subliminal message please go rejuvenate simfic50, go now, thank you, subliminal message to everyone over subliminal message)

I'll probably also relocate my LJ, or at least change the current site header. It's too painful to look at.


Hugs please.


1st-Nov-2007 12:17 am - Quickie
New site up for NaNoWriMo! All RiverNapping updates are cancelled until the end of November.


Go check it out.
20th-Oct-2007 03:02 pm - Big hello! :)

A big hello to the Sims 2 blogging world out there!

Welcome to Rivernapping, an illogically pretty story - which has absolutely nothing to do with rivers. Or the napping thereon. This story is mostly about a transvestite boy named River, his twin sister and the travelling theatre they work with, but it's mostly about a kidnapping, as well.

Guess who gets kidnapped?

Read the restCollapse )

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