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4 June
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I am me! (Bet you can't get a better description than that.)

I'm a super geekette and proud.

I drawpaintdreamwriteshopsleep. In that order.

I play the Sims 2. Fan fan fan fanatic! :D

I am a minor. Ooo.

I hate wearing my glasses. Kiasu people annoy me (non-Malaysians: kiasu - an attitude of over-competitiveness and being, generally, a sore loser).

Talk to me about movies. Comedy movies.

I dabble in anime when I feel like it.

I'm more than ready to listen to anyone's writer's-block moanings and come up with suggestions, if you don't mind me rambling on aimlessly for half an hour before I actually hit an idea.

I listen to pop music. I'm stubbornly mainstream.

Food, shopping and gossip (I'm a gossip addict. Come hear my bad opinions) - count me in on those discussions!

I'm a believer. Go Jesus! <3

I'm lazy. Procrastination R Me!

I daydream a lot, too. If you see me giving you this blur spacey look, it means I'm somewhere in La-la Land with clouds and flowers.

I'd like to think I'm an idealistic, honest person with a sense of humour and a cheesy, bleeding-heart-on-sleeve attitude to romance and basically life in general.

(I cried while watching the Simpsons Movie, fyi.)

You know the nitpicky person who spotted the person wearing jeans in Gladiator and Moses wearing a watch? That's me.

My dream is to travel around the world armed with a backpack, a camera, brightly-coloured clothing, a laptop and a life's supply of diahhrea and travel sickness medication.

I want to see everything that Mama Nature, the world and humanity's got to throw at me.

When I'm older I'll spend 5 years of my life backpacking across the globe. I'll eat the less disgusting things and learn "How much do I pay to sleep on your floor?" in 50 languages if I have to.

I'll walk right up to you and say hi and talk about my day like I've known you for the past ten years if you're alone, but I'll be the one listening quietly in a group.

I can sing really well. It's just that everyone else is listening wrongly.

I sincerely believe that coffee chocolate cream is the best cake flavour, that ice cream is the ultimate food, that God loves me, that (beep! geek alert)humans will find a way of living on different planets, that (beep! geek alert) maybe we're all part of some huge and staggeringly complex scientific experiment to observe the behavioural patterns of bipedal creatures and that cabbage triggers massive gas attacks.

I'm a kleptomaniac. Pretty things make me happy.

I kill for jelly. And apple juice.

A few random things about me:

1) I can scratch my head with my toes. No, it's not 'amazingly flexible' or whatever, you can do it too! Go on, do it.


*stamps foot*

I won't let you read the rest of the profile until you do.

Do it.


Thank you. :D

2) I hate people watching me write. Somehow I'm terribly sensitive about this - I don't know. To me (oh and this is the emo part coming up. Skip it if you're not in the mood for tragic insecurity) a piece of writing exposes a vital part of a person's soul - the depth of thought behind the words can tell you more about a person than you'd ever want to know.

I'm okay with putting up random works on the Internet for total strangers to see. But my friends and family pose a whole new problem. I guess it's because I treasure them, and their opinions of me, and I'd do anything to not break those. So if I'm touchy about showing you my stuff - yeah, you know.


3) I dream that Milo Ventimiglia will come to Malaysia.

Yep. That's where I live. The land of food, tropical heat and, well, me. Drop by if you're on holiday or better yet, message me if you're a local too! :D

4) I've been asked whether I'm a mix (white and Chinese) before - I'm not, just so you know. I'm a full Chinese.

Nonetheless, I've mostly spoken English for most of my earthly livin' life, so I assure you I'm quite proficient in said language.

And may a thousand fleas infest your left armpit and your nose be gnawed off by rabid yaks if you dare judge me according to my colour.

5) I was briefly bulimic.

Bulimia, for those who don't know it, is the condition where you voluntarily throw up after you eat. To stay slim, you know?

Thankfully, I'm not now. But I'm still vain as the lead singer of a bubblegum pop band - and I love every moment of it. So bite me. :)

Oh, a joke. About a band. I have a joke. You will listen to the joke. Listen to the joke you will, there is no try.

Q: How do you drown a lead singer?

A: Put a mirror in the deep end of the pool.

Wasn't that hilarious? Now let's move on. More about me. I mean, you want to know more about me.

Right? Right?

Yes, you do. You're such a nice person.

6) Besides my dream of backpacking, I'd love to be a movie director, a novel-writer, the sound coordinator of a rock band or a graphic artist.

I'm an artsy sort of person. I'm not quite out of high school yet and I haven't actually hit on a career.

My second dream would be to live in the high end of Hollywood and be a producer. Or at least a techie behind the scenes. I love the high life.

7) I bite my nails when I'm stressed. Which is a lot.

8) Before 11 am, I only listen to 40% of what you say. This is honestly because my brain has not woken up yet.

9) I have an unhealthy obsession with rainbows. It's probably a disorder. :D

Speaking of disorders, you'll notice that most of my characters have a psychological or physical defect - disorders, syndromes, whatchamacallits. It's both a challenge for me and a boost for their personality.

And speaking of creating characters, do you know the Action Man stereotype? The big, confrontational, musclebound hulks? The ones who get all the girls? My men are all the complete opposite. I've got Sucker Syndrome.

10) I'm a drama monster.

But you knew that already. I mean, you've read through my whole profile. See, didn't I catch your attention all the way?


Aw, man.